Stories is an all-dance, all-narrative production that was the Dance Company's first original work. It blends genres and gives tap dancing a new energy, combining tradition and contemporary, just like the dancing Company itself.

a successful young actor whose films are the subject of the episode, struggles in the background against his director's tyrannical ascent. The young man is caught in the movie that ties him to the director after having a disagreement with the director.

Ten actors alternately portray the several characters in the story onstage as they follow the protagonist's course. A continually shifting set design brings the opposing tableaux to life..

In line with the company's combination of heritage and modernity at its core, the outfits' look maintains a balance between the 1940s and the present.

Lyric season Musical

We provide symphonic concerts, chamber music concerts, and opera events via their creative programming. We are presenting an original lyrical program of the greatest caliber in Cannes' musical and cultural scene as part of its second season.