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Sponsoring Activation

The ticketing staff at the Palais des FestivalsĀ is ready to assist you, experts and enthusiasts. Our firm is planning events in Cannes! We sell tickets for events including concerts, musicals, circus shows, comedies, and dance...

performances at the Palais

The cultural program of the Palais des Festivals places culture at the center of the community. The Cannes scene offers a wide range of international performances, festivals, and events in several cultural fields. The complex and ambitious schedule of the Palais des Festivals blends culture and entertainment with dance, theater, music, circus, comedy, movies, festivals, board games, and fireworks. The Palais des Festivals and other locations regularly schedule more than 80 performances. The incredibly varied lineup of performances presents a panorama of creative experiences that not only highlight the cultural diversity of the world but also give an overview of contemporary French and international production.

Performances at the Palais