Our activities


The plays that the Palais des Festivals has scheduled for Cannes, whether they are comedies, tragedies, vaudeville, social dramas, love stories, or detective stories, have generally been well received on Parisian stages. Some of them are dropping by a storied theatre to win over new audiences; some of them have won or been shortlisted for Molière awards. You'll encounter special moments of entertainment, culture, and education between smiles and sobs, feelings and reflections!

A unique experience

You're invited for a stroll by the locals. You're invited, and you'll learn... Through the idea of local specialists in a distinct sort of tourism, experience Cannes in a unique way. These folks want you to experience a special moment during your visit since they are passionate about their town and area. Strange locations, tales, and good addresses.. Tell them about this experience! Every tour is cost-free!


a city that excels at dance, welcomes the top dance groups in the world for classical, contemporary, and folk performances, as well as up-and-coming choreographers and original works. With one of the biggest training facilities in the world and the Festival de Danse, the city has dedicated a special position to this important art form since the early 1960s. Cannes nights in the summer and winter are punctuated by spectacular programming featuring the finest ballets, urban arts, international dances, and multidisciplinary productions.

How the system works

Our daring approach and strong cooperation bridge the gap between conventional and experimental, producing original performances and profound educational opportunities. We place ourselves at the forefront of discussions regarding dance and disability because we promote many ways of seeing, being, and creating art. The 2001-founded firm works with some of the most well-known choreographers and performers in the industry. We produce plays that are performed in major theaters and at international festivals in several nations.

Upcoming performances

Come watch a must-see double bill of two innovative choreographers with us.